Submeters allow building managers to see how much electricity, gas or water each tenant actually uses so they can be billed accordingly. Submetering has been shown to save an average of 17% of the electricity used in apartments. Source: NYSERDA.


Is Submetering Right for My Building?        

Submetering is right for you if your building is currently “master metered.”


  • Master-metered buildings have only one electric meter for the entire building. Residents are charged a flat rate, regardless of actual consumption. This means that energy-conscious residents wind up paying for their neighbor’s wasteful habits! 


A submetered building includes an individual meter for each residential or commercial tenant. Building managers can then bill them appropriately and fairly. In some cases, “direct-metered” tenants will agree to switch to a master meter/submeter arrangement to take advantage of lower “bulk” electric rates.

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