Save big on your heating bills with cogeneration!



 What are cogeneration systems?

Also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, cogeneration units burn natural gas to generate electricity and “free” waste heat.


How much can I expect to save?

Every building is different, but when sized and run properly, a cogeneration unit can generate positive cash flow the moment it is turned on.


Is the heat really free?

No. But if you allocate all of the costs of the cogeneration system to electricity production then the waste heat is virtually free.


 How do cogeneration systems work?

The most common small cogeneration units include a reciprocating engine or microturbine that burns natural gas and spins a standard electric generator. The waste heat is used to make hot water.


 Is cogeneration right for you?

Contact us and we’ll help you determine if you can save money with cogeneration. If the answer is yes, we’ll be there for you during all of the installation steps from the original design to system startup and beyond.


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