Our goal is to reduce your building’s energy consumption while saving you money and improving system operation. Other benefits of our services include increased capital value of your property and in many cases, improved occupant comfort.


The Energy Division’s services include the following:


  • Energy Auditing (required for NYC Local Law 87 compliance): PowerCon will survey your building and perform analysis of building systems and energy flows. Then, we will identify energy-saving opportunities and their potential savings.
  • Retro-Commissioning (required for NYC Local Law 87 compliance): Our retrocommissioning process involves a comprehensive survey of building systems and equipment for quality of operation. We will identify any underperforming equipment and restore the intended operation of equipment and systems.
  • Energy Benchmarking (required for NYC Local Law 84 compliance): Energy Benchmarking is analysis of your building’s utility usage which allows us to track whole-building energy performance over time, or against other buildings.
  • Electric Submetering Design: If your building is master-metered- meaning that one meter tracks electric usage for the whole building- submetering is right for you. With submetering, each tenant is billed for their actual energy usage. Submetering has been shown to produce significant energy savings.
  • Cogeneration System Design: PowerCon will perform a feasibility study for combined heat and power (CHP or cogen) at your building. Additionally, we will specify and oversee installation of your CHP system.
  • Project Management: When you decide to implement any or all of our recommended energy saving measures, PowerCon will provide project management for the implementation of these upgrades to ensure proper installation.
  • Engineering Design: PowerCon performs a variety of mechanical and electrical engineering and design services.
  • Building Management System (BMS) Design and Oversight: Have you considered lighting controls, chiller automation, or remote monitoring of your building systems? Let PowerCon design and install a building management system in your building, and you’ll not only cut back on energy waste, but will have building which is more smoothly and easily operated.
  • Fuel Conversions: Is your heating boiler using number 4 or number 6 oil? We will convert your heating and water heating systems these dirty fuels to cleaner #2 oil or natural gas fueled systems.
  • Building Energy Modeling: PowerCon will create a virtual version of your building in specialized software to project the energy and monetary savings of potential upgrades. Using this information, you can decide which upgrades will be most beneficial for your building.
  • Infared (IR) Scanning: PowerCon uses IR scanning to identify hot and cold spots on mechanical and electrical equipment as well as on building envelopes.
  • LEED Design & Certification: LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized certification for green buildings. PowerCon can work with your building to achieve this prestigious certification.
  • Complete System Commissioning: PowerCon’s commissioning of your new building will test equipment to ensure intended operation.
  • Training: We have over 25 years of experience in providing energy services to a wide variety of clients. Let us Building manager energy efficiency class offered by PowerCon.
  • Temperature Studies: Is your building unevenly heated? In PowerCon’s temperature study, we will identify heating differential patterns as a means of diagnosing potential inefficiencies in the heating distribution system.
  • Wind Feasibility Studies: Have you considered wind power for your building? Our analysis will determine the potential for wind-energy generation at your site.
  • Solar Feasibility Studies: Solar energy can be captured and used to heat water or provide electricity for your building. Find out how much solar energy you can generate on your site.