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 A Modest Proposal

     Habitat Magazine, April 2011


           “Your boiler is probably too big. In fact, I will state categorically that a substantial  
            majority of existing multifamily boilers in New York City are at least twice as big as 
            they need to be. How can I make such a claim? Consider the evidence:

            ● Even though heat-timers are set to ‘A’ (the lowest setting), many buildings are still 
               over heated.     
            ● Many burners are set to fire at 50 percent of capacity, yet still short-cycle….”


Oil in the Family

     Habitat Magazine, April 2011


           “As director of the Energy Division at Power Concepts, I hear a lot of rumors. About     
           three years ago, a super at a building in Westchester mentioned to me, almost as an 
           afterthought, that No. 6 heating oil ‘was about to be banned.’ He couldn’t tell me how 
           he knew, but I took it seriously enough to do some follow-up research – and found….”


10 Energy Myths Debunked

      Habitat Magazine, September 2010


         “There is more good information- and bad- about saving energy and ‘going green’ then
           ever before. How does a board distinguish between the two? It’s not easy. There are 
           legions of misinformed and even downright mendacious people out there trying to 
           separate you from your reserve funds. You can sidestep the most expensive mistakes 
           by learning the truth about the following ten energy efficiency myths….”

 Getting out the Vote

      Habitat Magazine, November 2008

           “Experts agree that education is a key element to getting shareholders to agree to submetering. Tom Sahagian, manager of the energy division at 
           the energy-consulting firm Power Concepts, says he makes it personal when he talks to boards and residents by bringing in his own electric bills. 
           Sahagian shows his electric bills from a time when he had an old refrigerator and used traditional lights and compares it to when he bought a new 
           energy-efficient model and used compact fluorescent bulbs. ‘My consumption dropped by half,’ he says. ‘It’s a pretty dramatic graphic.’”


      The Good Audit

      Habitat Magazine, June 2006

           “Tom Sahagian, energy division manager at Power Concepts, is another consultant providing ResTech audits and also lecturing widely on the 
           subject of energy efficiency. Sahagian audits many buildings where residents have been complaining for years about temperature distribution 
           problems. Some apartments are too cold; some are too hot. Few are just right. “This is a problem in almost every building in New York City,” he 
           explains. “It’s a problem of gigantic proportion. In order for every apartment to be warm enough to meet the city code, many, many apartments are 
           grossly overheated.”


      Data Loggers Help Compress Energy Costs

      Onset Computer Corporation, September 2007

           “Concerned about its own facility’s excessive energy usage, a New York-based metal products manufacturer recently paired up with Power 
           Concepts LLC, a Manhattan-based consulting engineering firm, to conduct an energy feasibility study at the company’s production facility.”


      The Cost of Saving Energy

      New York Times, July 15 2007

         “Most big New York buildings, both commercial and residential, are wasting thousands of dollars a year on energy, the city says. Energy use by 
         buildings accounts for almost 80 percent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, and residential buildings for about a third of that.”


  Green Horizons

      New York House Magazine

           “Tom Sahagian, energy division manager at Power Concepts LLC, says, ‘Green industry segments such as bamboo flooring, wind turbines, and 
           solar panels will likely gain traction in the region over time, but they will not be the engine for the greatest opportunities.’ Energy efficiency—in 
           commercial, residential, and industrial buildings, will be the driver, Sahagian says. Regarding solar and wind, Sahagian says the economics are not 
           that great at the moment. ‘Adoption has not reached a critical tipping point yet, which is why there’s more interest (and investment) in energy 


French TV Story

ARTE Television Broadcast, September 27, 2007

“This is what the mayor of NY no longer wants to see in its sky: 58 million tons of CO2 permeating the air each year. Knowing that the city contains more than 900,000 buildings and that they are the major polluters, it becomes clear why the mayor is asking landlords to improve their installations by even offering incentives to those who upgrade their systems. Therefore, more and more landlords are calling energy experts – such as these guys- to survey their existing equipment to detect what can be done.”