PowerCon’s Energy Audit


In PowerCon’s Energy Audit, our team will find ways to cut your building’s energy usage by up to 15% or more, reducing your utility bills and simultaneously enhancing tenant comfort. Our audit complies with NYC Local Law 87, which requires buildings larger than 50,000 sq. ft. to conduct an energy audit and retro-commissioning every 10 years starting in 2013. Learn more about Local Law 87.


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Why Choose a PowerCon Energy Audit?

  • 1 year free Local Law 84 benchmarking with your audit

  • Multi-building discounts

  • Free health and safety inspection with your audit

  • Discount on retrocommissioning, required by Local Law 87, with your audit

  • Weekly project managers updates

  • One on one meetings with building operators

  • Clear, comprehensive presentation of audit results with financial cost-benefit analysis

  • Our ASHRAE Level II audit complies with and exceeds industry standards



Audit Features:


  • ASHRAE Level II audit of building systems with detailed engineering analysis

  • Complete fuel usage analysis with end-use breakdown

  • Compliance with NYC local law 87 (Learn more about Local Law 87)

  • Compliance with NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program which provides financial incentives for implementation of energy-saving measures



What’s in Your PowerCon Premier Energy Audit Report?


  • A description of the building’s existing conditions, highlighting savings opportunities

  • Recommended improvement measures with explanations

  • Installation costs as estimated by our experienced team of auditors, engineers, and project managers

  • Projected fiscal savings and payback periods for implemented measures


PowerCon’s Partnerships:


  • PowerCon is an approved partner of the NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program

  • PowerCon is an approved partner of the Con Ed Commercial & Industrial and Multifamily programs

  • PowerCon is an ENERGY STAR Partner


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